What photography means to me

I was reading a friends blog and she was writing about her history and love for photography. It made me take a step back and think about why I love taking photos. My first experience owning a camera was a digital point and shoot I bought in Japan back in my tween years. It was a Sony – bulky and slow but I loved it and I took it everywhere I went. I was one of those annoying people that would bring the camera out to every occasion, even if it was just an informal dinner with a small group of friends. I was also quite efficient; I would upload the photos as soon as I got home so I could share them with my friends.

My first experience using a DSLR was when a friend asked me to take a few photos of him for a modelling/acting portfolio he wanted to create. I was flattered, especially since I had never used a DSLR before. I was completely lost behind the camera and kept everything to auto mode. I had an idea of what I thought would look good in regards to composition and directing my friend to pose. Surprisingly, the photos came out great; even without editing (post processing is now a standard for me).

After graduating university, I gained a job quite quickly and I had more access to funds. I decided that my first big purchase would be a Nikon d90 with an 18-200mm lens. I had been eyeing this combo for quite a while and it wasn’t until I received an email newsletter advertising that there would be a 13% off on Nikon cameras and lenses that sealed my fate.

I believe that the reason why I love taking photos is because I feel it is an expression of me. Here are the photos that I’ve taken and why I think the world is beautiful from my point of view. I also use photography as a remembrance tool. The photos provide evidence of happy and joyful times whether it be birthdays or travels. I think most importantly it gives me a creative output and a sense of achievement. When I take a great photo, I’m proud.

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