Weekend in Slovenia

Earlier in April this year, my friends and I travelled to Slovenia. We had heard stories of its beauty and some had even classified it as a ‘must see’.  We only had a weekend there and the weather wasn’t the greatest but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Here are some photos from that trip.

Love Locks Slovenia

It seems as though every European city has their version of love locks and so does Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia). Ljubljana has many bridges throughout the city and so it seems fitting that this should be the location to place your love lock. Most of the locks have initials but I find it fascinating to read some of the personal and short words written for loved ones.

Willow tree Ljubljana

Willow trees are really beautiful, perhaps even more so because it reminds me of my childhood and watching The Wind in the Willows movie. I like the contrast of the trees against the pastel coloured buildings.

Ljubljana shoes

That’s a lot of shoe flinging. We toyed with the idea that perhaps there were a lot of drug dealers about but apparently university students fling their shoes up after the end of term.

Ljubljana at night

Ljubljana is a very chilled city. After dinner we were wondering around the old part of town and heard music so we followed the sound. We came across a narrow lane, away from the main touristy area, filled with hipsters and a British DJ playing some beats outside a bar. We stayed there for a few rounds before moving on to our next location.


We stumbled upon a bar inside a museum and found this spinning seat outside. We would rotate the blue circular wheel and it would spin all of us. Suffice to say, this seat and the presence of alcohol kept us entertained for hours.

Lake Bled Slovenia

The next day we picked up our hired car and drove to Lake Bled, which was less than an hour away from Ljubljana. We rented this row boat, 15 euros for an hour, and paddled to the island in the middle of the lake.

Lake Bled Slovenia

There isn’t actually too much to do on the island but it was fun trying to steer a row boat and be on the water.

Row boat at lake bled

Cream Cake Lake Bled

At the restaurant the night before the waiter told us of this mystical yellow cream cake that we had to try before leaving Solvenia. He said the best one in Slovenia is located at Lake Bled. We researched the night before and found the place. Flakey on top and surprisingly light – yum!

Vintgar Gorge - Slovenia

After rowing we drove to Vintgar Gorge which is close by. A few weeks earlier I had found some images of Vintgar Gorge on Pinterest and decided that we must see it. When we got to the entrance it was closed for the season but we decided to jump the fence and go anyway. So glad we did because it is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately my photos do not do it justice.

Vintgar Gorge

It’s actually quite loud inside the gorge with sounds of water gushing down stream and splashing against rocks.

Lake Bohinj - Slovenia

Conversely, we visited Lake Bohinj after and it was so serene and peaceful. The water is so still, that I was able to get a shot of the mountain reflected in the water. The lake is so clear we could see all the fish swimming below.

Lake Bohinj

A quaint town opposite Lake Bohinj.

I think Slovenia is an amazing place. It has the best of both worlds – great night-life and amazing alpine scenery a few kilometres away.

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