Three Views Walk – Kangaroo Valley

Three Views Trail Kangaroo Valley

Like many Sydney-siders, Jackson and I had a mini road trip over the long weekend. Kangaroo Valley (or more specifically Morton National Park) was the destination and bushwalking was our chosen activity.

Three Views Walk - Morton National Park

As were we driving down the mountain road towards Kangaroo Valley, we saw a layer of fog cover the valley completely. Later in the day we passed the same area and the fog had dissipated.

Jackson found a hike named Three Views Walk and as the name suggests, you get three scenic views on the walking track. The Three Views trail can be three separate walks, but we were able to do all three and return to the car park in around 2 hours, with plenty of photo stops and having a lunch break.

LAKE YARRUNGA VIEW - Three Views Valley

This was taken on our first view – Lake Yarrunga View. I would save this view for last as it was the best view of the three in my opinion.

SHOALHAVEN RIVER VIEW - Three views walk

This photo was taken at Shoalhaven River View, the longest walk of the three, and you can also see a view of the dam in the distance. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo at the second view, Tallowa Dam View, as some trees were blocking the lookout.

The hike is a very easy flat walk, perfect for beginners or for people that want fantastic views with minimal effort.

Three Views Walk Track Information

Lake Yarrunga View 
Difficulty: Easy. Level track, short distance.
Length: 3.4km return

Tallowa Dam View
Difficulty: Easy. Level track, short distance.
Length: 4km return
Time: 1 hour 20 minute walk

Shoalhaven River View 
Difficulty: Medium. Level track, longer distance.
Length: 5.7km return

Access to the Three Views Walks track: Park opposite side of the road and start the walk at the gate

For more information on Three Views Walk, see this pamphlet.

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