Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Sydney harbour bridge climb

This is a photo I took in early 2011. I remember my friend’s cousin was in town and we took him to Cockatoo Island as he was interested in photography. As we crossed the harbour in a ferry I captured this shot of people climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my zoom lens.

Looking at this picture reminds me of the time I got free tickets from work to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. I scheduled to do the climb on Jackson’s birthday and thought it would be a nice way to spend the day. On the contrary, it was a horrible decision as the night before we were heavily binge drinking at his birthday party. The next morning we suffered from a massive hangover and dehydration. We contemplated not going but in the end decided to just do it as we didn’t want to waste the tickets. We were worried that we were over the 0% alcohol limit, which was a requirement to climb the bridge. Somehow we both passed the breathalyser but the climb, which should’ve been a great moment, was thwarted by our need to chunder.

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