Super Fast, Super Wide

I recently bought a new lens, the Nikkor 24mm 1.4 which is a wide angle lens, or as I like to call it, wide-y and fast-y. This lens was not cheap and I had a few negative comments when learned that I dropped over $2k on this lens but I am happy with the purchase!

Seeing as this is a photo blog, here’s some photos of wide-y and fast-y:

Ah, the golden box – the Nikon packaging that hasn’t changed since the dawn of camera time.

I also bought a Nikon neutral colour filter – it claims to make colour ‘pop’ in photos but I just use it to protect the lens.

The 24mm (left) next to the 18-200mm (right). It’s huge and a fatty for a prime lens!

I have yet to test it in the most challenging environment, by that I mean at gigs with low/bad lighting. But low lighting action shots is what this baby is designed for. The high aperture is made for low light and the fact that it’s super fast means that I will be able to capture the band members movements – which is a very difficult task because they are always moving and it’s hard to get non blurry shots.

However, I am a bit worried about the weight. At some of the gigs that I’ve shot, I had to hold the camera for 2+ hours. This is extremely tiring especially when I have a heavy lens mounted. Although 2+ hours is a bit of an extreme.

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