Sunrise at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon sunrise

We begrudgingly clambered out of bed at 4:30am, splashed some cold water on our faces and drove out to the Grand Canyon National Park entrance, which was only a 15min drive from our hotel. Since it was so early, there were no park rangers at the boom gates so we go into the park for free.

We had read the night before that Mather Point was a good place to view the sunrise. As we pulled up into the car park, we saw a few scattered bodies walking in all different directions. It was dark and we couldn’t see any signs. We asked a few people where Mather Point was, but everyone seemed a bit preoccupied in finding their own vantage point for the sunrise. We followed the majority and set ourselves up with a good spot. We stared out into the darkness, eagerly awaiting the sun to show.

The sun slowly began to rise and lit up the view before us. It was our first time seeing the Grand Canyon and what a way to see it. The darkness dissipated and the light painted the scene of red, orange and brown hues of the canyon, spotted with green vegetation. It was beautiful and it was vast. There is something so magical about sunrises, the way the light paints the landscape, transforming the scenery. I hate waking up early but this was worth it.

Grand Canyon sunrise - Mather Point

After the sun rose we drove back to our hotel for a nap. We drove out later again to Grand Canyon National Park and walked around the many trails at the South Rim.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This was a shot I took of the Grand Canyon whilst walking the South Rim. I saw a postcard at a tourist shop of a scene of the Grand Canyon shot at four different times of the day and the colours looked completely.

Grand Canyon National Park

This was taken at Desert View, with Colorado River making an appearance.

Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park

We went a bit off trail whilst walking to get some different angled shots. This is the Desert View watchtower.

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