Capturing a snow covered London – Maida Vale

I used to live in a one bedroom apartment along Sutherland Avenue in Maida Vale, London. Maida Vale is a leafy rich suburb in west London and a 15 minute tube ride away from central London. The apartment was small, and there were quite a few problems with the place but I loved it anyway. We had large windows that showed a view of our private backyard/park that we shared with our block of residents.

Often I would just lounge around the house and stare out the window and watch the wind blow through the branches. Jackson would look out every day to try to spot squirrels running up and down the tree trunks.

I don’t have many photos of this place, but I do have fond memories.

On one particular Sunday, in late January 2013, it snowed. There’s a common misconception that during winter in London there is a lot of snow and it is always grey and cold. The latter is true but it rarely snows in London, well at least not in the last two years that I’ve been living there.

So when it does snow, it’s magical. The world comes at a standstill, the tube stops working, many people stay indoors and it gets really quiet.

Here are a series of photos from that day.

Snow in London - Jackson looking outside the window

We awoke to a snow covered London. It was cold but we decided to head out to explore our wintery neighbourhood. As usual, Jackson is looking for squirrels. I really loved the windows in our apartment. It painted our living room with light and although our apartment was tiny, it gave a sense of openness.

Jackson preparing to go outside in the snow - beanie on

This is Jackson. He likes reading tech blogs, spam and of course squirrels. It’s cold outside, so we’re rugging up!

I used my Nikkor 50mm 1.8f lens to get all of these shots. I have to say the image quality of this lens is great. It’s not only sharp but it can also create good bokeh, as you can see in the above photo of Jackson. Definitely one of the more affordable lenses out there and a good gateway into prime lenses.

Snow in Little Venice Maida Vale, London

We decided to visit Little Venice, which is near our apartment. Little Venice features a canal and is dotted with many boat homes and bridges.

Jackson out in the snow in London

I had a bit of a challenge trying to capture falling snow in this picture. Some useful tips I found are to take the photos behind a dark background so the snow flakes are more visible and to use a fast shutter speed.

Snow in Little Venice, Maida Vale London

Not sure if you can tell in this photo, but the surface of the water is frozen. I like the absence of people in this photo and how it gives a sense of stillness and quiet. I’d like to imagine people tucked away in their boat homes, sipping hot chocolate or still in slumber.

Snow in London, Little Venice / Maida Vale

I use to run along this route. As you can see this is a shared path and bike riders also use this trail. I think the use of the lines (bike trails) in this photo directs your eye to the center of the image.

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2 thoughts on “Capturing a snow covered London – Maida Vale

  1. Winter wonderland indeed!!
    Awesome photos and good on you for venturing out into the cold to get the most of something we don’t get in sydney!
    Did Jackson find more squirrels?? :)

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