Cruising around Santorini, Greece on a quad bike

London was experiencing a really long winter this year. It was just the start of spring and it was still snowing in some parts of Europe. We booked a trip to Santorini in April 2013 which proved to be a great escape from cold and grey London. As soon as we got off the flight, we had to peel back the layers of clothing.

This trip was definitely one of the more enjoyable holidays I’ve had. We had no real itinerary (something that never usually happens as I like to plan ahead) and we just did whatever we felt like at that specific moment.

We hired a quad bike (35 euros for a day) and cruised around the island, stopping from place to place to enjoy the scenery, take photos, eat and wander around. I would definitely recommend hiring a quad bike. You can access certain parts of the island that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to via public transport or car (as some of the roads aren’t paved) and you can feel the wind in your hair. Not to mention, it’s fun!

Here are some of the photos from our quad biking adventures:

Santorini - Fresh seafood

Our first mission was to find some food. We ate at To Psaraki restaurant, which was located at the southern part of the island (about a 20min ride on quad bike from our hotel in Fira). The restaurant was adjacent to the fishing docks and had views of the ocean. At the restaurant you can also choose which fish you want to eat and they cook it for you. I really liked the red snapper (featured above).

Santorini - Oia

In the distance you can see Oia and the white cliff top buildings that are synonymous with Santorini.

Santorini - Red cliffs

We obtained a really vague map of the island from our hotel and we drove from one point of interest to another. This is Red Beach, appropriately named for the red rock cliff face.

Santorini Greece Ocean

I love how the sky almost blends into the ocean. Also, those dots in the distance are cruise ships.

Sunset Santorini Greece

We drove to a lookout point to experience Santorini’s greatest attraction, the sunset. As the sun went down and night fell, it became really chilly (especially driving a quad bike).

Doors Santorini Greece

The next day, we had a few hours left before we had to return the quad bike so we drove to the eastern part of the island.

On top of Santorini Greece

We drove to Pyrgos which is the highest point in Santorini. The hill was dotted with red poppies and yellow flowers. In this photo you can see Fira and Oia in the distance.

Beach at Santorini Greece

Before dropping off the quad bike, we ventured to the pebble beach in Karmari. It was actually quite hot walking over the black pebbles.

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4 thoughts on “Cruising around Santorini, Greece on a quad bike

  1. Oia is so amazing from some of the photos I have seen!! Definitely looking forward to those as well.

    Great photos as always, love the man gazing out with serious thoughts running within him…

    My favourite has to be the contrasting and bright coloured doors against the white walls!! Soooo awesome!

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