Sanctuary in a busy city

Ducks at Hyde Park London

Note: the above photo I took was at Hyde Park, not St James Park – I don’t think I’ve taken my camera to St James which is a shame.

I used to work in the heart of London, centred between the overcrowded and touristy Piccadilly Circus and Soho, London’s red light district.

Walking to and from work from the tube was always a laborious task of dodging tourists, men shouting deals for west end shows and half naked women luring you to enter the clubs.

Amidst all of the noise and hustle, I was able to find a sanctuary in the city – St James Park. Sure there were still many tourists but it was a much much quieter place. I would escape to St James Park every lunch time and sit on the bench and observe the ducks and people watch. Sometimes I would bring something to read, other times I would bring bread to feed the ducks.

More often than not, it was my favourite part of the day.

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