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The Antlers, Annandale Hotel Sydney Australia Feb 10th 2011 I had recently discovered this band called “The Antlers” – they have an eerie and haunting sound (or at least the songs that I’m obsessed with have the haunting sound). Upon discovering this awesomely sounding band, I found out that they were touring at Laneway Festival and they had a sideshow in Sydney! However, to my devastation I also found out that their sideshow was sold out. Ooooh how the gods are cruel! I was disappointed but got over it seeing as there was nothing that I could do.

A few days later I received an email from FasterLouder – an online music publication that I signed up to be a photography contributer. They said that I could cover the show. OMGGGGGGGgggg.. I was thrilled! I couldn’t understand how I got the gig though because I don’t remember applying for it. It turns out that I did apply quite a while to cover the Laneway sideshows, before even learning of The Antlers.

One word to describe their gig – EPIC. Or from the mouth of my boyfriend.. “PERFECT”. If you think their recordings are good, their live performances are 1 million x better!

I think the only downside was that since I was so focused on taking photos, I couldn’t give all my attention to their performance. I think that’s one of the major pitfalls with photography.. sometimes you’re just so focused on taking an awesome picture, that you miss out on the awesome experience yourself. Regardless, that’s not going to stop me from ninja-ing as many shots as possible.

One of my fav songs from their Hospice album.

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