Portrait Photography

I’ve had my camera for about five months now and I’ve had a few practice shoots with a few of my friends. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what I was doing. They wanted direction and I really didn’t know what to tell them. They would ask what to do, and I’d say: ‘Do whatever’ and just shoot if I felt that it looked interesting. After my first shoot, which quickly moved on to my second, I got the hang of giving a few pointers, where they should position themselves, which way to face to take advantage of the best lighting, suggestion for poses and so forth. Experience comes with practice and I am learning with every shoot.

I’ve noticed that most of the time my friends don’t want to look into the camera because they feel it doesn’t look “model-y”. I disagree, sometimes looking into the camera makes the photo more intense. For example, the above photo that I took of a friend. She is looking right into the camera and you focus on her eyes. It creates the sense that she’s looking right at you, as though she is right in front of you.

A few seconds later I snapped up this photo. Although it still a very nice picture of her, it creates a completely different mood compared to the first photo. The focus is not on her eyes and it creates a softer and lighter scene.

What are some tips that you tell your models when photographing them?

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