Port Stephens Road Trip

Port Stephens road trip Australia

Over a weekend in October, we went on a short road trip to Port Stephens (about 2.5 hours drive outside of Sydney) to celebrate our friend’s birthday. There was a lot of concern as bush fires were active in close by areas and road closures were also an issue, but we all made it in one piece.


Our friend rented a modern self-serviced house atop a hill with views of the water/mountains in the distance. We welcomed a big breakfast after a night of drinking to prepare us for the day.

Dead birds washed up on the beach from migrating to Australia

To our surprise, when we go to the beach there were dead birds everywhere. We thought that perhaps the birds had inhaled too much smoke from the bush fires but found out later that they were Mutton birds migrating from Bass Strait and died of exhaustion and fell into the sea. Many of them washed up on the Australian east coast.

Camel rides at Port Stephens

Many family friendly activities in Port Stephens.

Sand boarding at Port Stephens

Our chosen activity was sand-boarding. It was actually a lot of fun. You would walk up this devastatingly steep sand hill (it’s actually a lot more steep than this picture depicts) and then ride the board down and repeat.

Port Stephens beach

After sand-boarding we spent some time relaxing on the beach and I went around photographing things.

Port Stephens Beach

The sand was so flat along this beach. As the waves washed in, it created a mirror effect and I was able to capture the reflection of people along the beach.

Port Stephens beach

Moonlight view Port Stephens

Jackson took this photo of the moonlit view from our balcony.

Port Stephens - Tomaree Head

The next day a few of us decided to go bush walking at Tomaree Head while the others relaxed on the beach. As we were walking up the trail, we decided to take a detour and got lost. There was some scrambling, cuts and bruises and we kept walking into spider webs but we managed to get back on the trail again after a few hours. The walk should have only been about 30mins but because we got lost we were there for over three hours. It was fun nevertheless and made things more interesting.

Tomaree Head lookout view Port Stephens

It was nice to finish off the bush walk with this beautiful view. Port Stephens is a great place for a nice little getaway and I’m sure I’ll revisit again soon.

What is your favourite place to go for a weekend getaway?

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