Pierrerie & Deena Engagement Shoot

This post is long overdue but better late than never – Pie and Deena are no longer engaged but officially husband and wife now!

I was quite excited about this photo shoot as I’ve never done an engagement shoot in an urban environment and it was a great place to flex my creative muscles. I tried experimenting with odd angles and composition.

Below are some of my favourite shots from the day.

Engagement shot Central Station Sydney

This was taken at central station outside on the tram line. I must have walked through this area many times before but I never noticed how photogenic this place is – credit goes to Deena for location scouting! The country terminal building inside also had beautiful diffused lighting, great for portrait shoots.

engagement shoot qvb sydney

As we were walking though busy Town Hall station to QVB I looked up and spotted this interesting light feature and asked Pie and Deena if they minded posing for a photo. They agreed happily, despite having an audience of over a hundred onlookers passing by. Glad that they did because it resulted in this shot. Taking a photo from below isn’t usually a very flattering angle but this shot turned out pretty well.

engagement shoot st james station sydney

One of the themes that Deena said she’d like to incorporate into the shoot was ‘film noir’. When I think of film noir I imagine black and white, mood, mystery and shadows. When I was touching up this photo, I had film noir top of mind.

Engagement shoot st james station Sydney

engagement shoot sydney

film noir engagement shoot sydney

I’m a sucker for reflections – if I spot any reflective surface I must shoot it. I actually like how this image is off centre and the line on the window glass draws your attention to the couple.

It was a long shoot (sorry for making you guys walk everywhere) but it definitely taught me a lot about giving direction and finding beauty in everyday environments. Thank you for letting me capture you both and being so patient with me!

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