Niagara Falls and Toronto

In early July 2013, we had a short visit to Toronto. We didn’t really have much of an itinerary, we just wanted to catch up with a good friend that lives in Toronto and perhaps see Niagara Falls. However, by this time we had just completed a whirlwind trip around Iceland and were sick of waterfalls – Iceland is the land of waterfalls.

We decided to give it a go anyway, seeing as it is such a popular attraction. We booked the The Maid of the Mist to spice it up and boy was it something! Maid of the mist is a boat service that drives you out, close to the base of the waterfalls. Before boarding, you are given plastic ponchos to waterproof your clothing. I think the biggest problem is getting your shoes/socks wet as the poncho doesn’t cover this area. It’s probably wise to opt for thongs.

The first waterfall that we encountered was the American Falls. It was quite pleasant, everyone was excited, we experienced some spray/mist and then we continued on. As we approached the Horseshoe Falls, the mist became heavier and heavier until it eventually became a downpour. It rained down so considerably that everything I saw in front of me was white and I could barely open my eyes without a flood of water blasting my eyeballs (note sunglasses is a good idea). The wind was turbulent and people were struggling to keep their ponchos from flying away. The downpour was torrential and although we’ve tied our ponchos tightly, we’re still getting wet. This is the full force of mother nature. Eventually, the captain turns the boat around and the madness ceases.

Niagara Falls, Maid of the Mist

This is one of the boats riding out into the mist. Note the little figures on the boat in their blue ponchos.

Niagara Falls, Maid of the mist

Turkey sandwich at Niagara on the lake

We also visited Niagara on the Lake, which is a quaint little town in Ontario. I would describe it as the Cotswolds of Canada. Here I tried one of the most delicious and well balanced sandwiches I have ever eaten – turkey sandwich with caramelised onion and some other stuff which was awesome. If you’re ever in town I would recommend the turkey club with greens at Shaw Cafe & Wine Bar, however Jackson got another one of their sandwiches which wasn’t as good so perhaps it’s a hit or miss type of restaurant.

Royal Ontario Museum

This is the Royal Ontario Museum. We didn’t actually go in as I couldn’t justify the cost as all museums in London are free, but I was more fascinated with the external architecture anyway.

Royal Ontario Museum

A capture of us three in the reflection of the building windows.

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