Iceland Road Trip: Day 3

Iceland Road Trip

Following on from my previous post, the Icelandic road trip continues.

Iceland landscapes

This is the view from our home stay. When I see fields like the one above, I just want to run, spread out my arms and spin around Julie Andrews style.

Jökulsárlón Iceland

Our first stop of the day was Jökulsárlón, a large glacial lake. Jökulsárlón has also been featured in films like Batman Begins.

Iceland road trip

Iceland house

Throughout our trip, we continuously stopped off on the side of the road to take photos of landscapes and whatever interested us. When we stopped off to take this photo of a dilapidated house, three other cars followed suit as well.

Iceland coast

I really like the pastel colours in this photo.

Coast of Iceland

The following photos were taken along south-east coast of Iceland.

Ring Road Iceland

When we stopped off to take this photo we walked around to stretch our legs and discovered that the land was covered in this spongy moss. It had a springiness and I could sort of bounce up and down on it. As I was enjoying the bounciness and looking out upon the vastness of the landscape, I wondered whether I was the first person to have ever stepped on this exact spot. It’s incredible how untouched Iceland is.

Icelandic horse

We bought some bread to feed the horses. They would all crowd up around us. Some Icelandic horses would get a bit greedy and aggressive with other horses to eat the bread.

Litlanesfoss Iceland

Another waterfall we visited was Litlanesfoss. We took a short hike up to reach the waterfall.

Lava field Iceland

More crazy landscapes along the ring road. I assume this is a lava field of some sort.

Dettifoss Iceland

This is Dettifoss, one of the most powerful waterfalls in all of Europe (although the photo doesn’t really do it justice as we arrived on the wrong side). Dettifoss is also seen in the movie Prometheus. 

Dettifoss Iceland

Jackson on the cliff edge of Dettifoss.

Coloured mountain Iceland

Multi-coloured land.

steam vent

I’m not quite sure what this place is, but there was a lot of steam coming out from the ground. I’m guessing it might possibly be a power station to extract the geothermal power from volcanoes.

Grjotagja Iceland

This is Grjotagja, a lava cave with a thermal spring inside where people can bathe. We touched the water and it was really hot (you can sort of see steam in the photo). This location was also used in one of the episodes of Game of Thrones.

Hverfjall Iceland

We then drove to Hverfjall, a volcano crater.

Hverfjall crater Iceland

There is a path that you can walk up the crater and around the rim of Hverfjall.

Hverfjall volcano crater Iceland

The centre of the crater, unfortunately my lens wasn’t wide enough to get it all in.

road trip Iceland

By this time it was around 10pm and the sun was beginning to set.

 Godafoss Waterfall Iceland

Our last stop for the day was Godafoss waterfall, translated as waterfall for the Gods.

In an upcoming post, I’ll be posting more photos from our final day in Iceland.

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2 thoughts on “Iceland Road Trip: Day 3

  1. Jökulsárlón, the glacial lake, and the waterfall for the Gods are the two favourite pictures you have taken for me!
    I love how you have captured the natural beauty of Iceland!!
    Makes me really want to drop everything and head over there right now!

    Looking forward to the Day 4 post!

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