Hampstead Heath, London

Summer's day, father and daughter fishing at Hampstead Heath

My favourite park in London is Hampstead Heath. It is a leafy park in north-west London and there are many ponds, swans and walking trails. I remember the first time I visited in 2011. It was a warm summer’s day and the park was filled with people scattered about the grass, having picnics, bike riding, swimming in the ponds and walking their dogs. I remember thinking that it was quite odd to be swimming in a pond but I guess that’s just the aussie mentality that I have since I have easy access to beaches.

As I walked through the park, I quickly snapped up this image of a father and daughter fishing at a pond. It reminded me of the times I used to go fishing with my dad up in Newcastle when I was a child. I used to hate the tedious two hour car ride up to Newcastle. To entertain myself, I pretended to shoot enemies behind the bushes that we drove past on the freeway.

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