Grand Canyon Blue Mountains Loop Track in Heathcote

Last week Jackson and I went for a bush walk in the Blue Mountains to take advantage of our last moments of unemployment. I did a bit of research and found the Grand Canyon Loop trail at Heathcote. The walk is moderate in difficulty, very well maintained and incredibly photogenic. Below photos are from the Grand Canyon Blue Mountains loop trail.

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains Walking Track - start of the trail

We got a bit confused about which area to park in (as there are three car parks around the area) but settled on Neates Glen car park which starts at the top of the canyon. This is the signpost at the beginning of the trail.

Grand Canyon Loop, mossy stairs

At the start of the Grand Canyon track it is a steep decline quite quickly. The further south we went, the landscape changed to more rain forest flora such as fern trees, moss covered walls and steps. Be careful when walking down as the steps can be quite wet in this area.

Plants in the Grand Canyon, blue mountains

Plants in Grand Canyon, blue mountains

We encountered a lot of interesting plants along the Grand Canyon track and I played around with lighting and composition for these photos.

Grand Canyon Loop Blue Mountains

Does anyone have any idea what this is? Jackson thinks it is a wasp nest of some sort but I’m not too sure. We saw a few of these along the trail, usually perched upon plants or high up in the trees. If you know what it is, please let me know in the comments!

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains Loop waterfall

This was the first waterfall we encountered. It was very light (not much water falling) but I played around with composition/shutter speeds as you will see in the next few photos. This image was taken with 1/250 shutter speed which is quite fast and it allowed me to freeze the water falling.

Grand Canyon Loop Blue Mountains Waterfall

Same waterfall, but different angle and this was taken with 1/25 shutter speed. A significantly longer shutter speed than the above picture. Slower shutter speed allows you to create a more fluid and blurred water movement. However, I didn’t bring my tripod so this was the best I could do with handheld. I also quite like how the sun beamed through the trees and created diagonal shadows across the waterfall.

Grand Canyon Loop Blue Mountains Waterfall

This is a view of the waterfall from a further distance. Jackson makes an appearance (he is taking a photo too). I often prefer images with people in it as I think it adds more interest and sometimes even a story/mood.

Blue Mountains Grand Canyon Loop roots

Tree roots - Grand Canyon Blue Mountains

Some roots and vines along the Grand Canyon track.

River crossing Grand Canyon Loop Blue Mountains

River crossing - blue mountains grand canyon track

Many river crossings throughout the track. Jackson was crouching down to take a photo on one of the blocks and I noticed his reflection in the still water. It reminded me of peter pan’s shadow.

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains

Two trees stand tall, it looks like an entry into a magical land.

Grand Canyon Loop Trail Blue Mountains

Moss - grand canyon blue mountains

Close up of moss, it reminds me of this bad/brilliant joke “I used to hate moss, but it’s starting to grow on me”.

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains

Jackson is taking a photo of two trees that criss cross. A perfect burial spot for treasure?

tree at grand canyon blue mountains

Used shallow depth of field and played around with perspective distortion.

grand canyon blue mountains plant

A young fern, before sprouting.

Evans Lookout Blue Mountains NSW

After walking continuously downhill, we then reached a point where it was a steep uphill climb. Our reward was reaching Evans Lookout, as pictured above.

Grand Canyon Loop, Blue Mountains wattle

This is the walk back to the car park from Evans Point. Quite pretty with golden wattle scattered across the land.

Overall, I really enjoyed this bush walk and would recommend it to everyone. It is understandably one of the best day walks in NSW for it’s variety, accessibility and views.

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains Track Information

Parking: I recommend to start the Grand Canyon loop at Neates Glen car park so you can finish with a rewarding view at Evans Lookout.

Time: Suggested 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 6.3km loop

See this page for updated alerts on the Grand Canyon track.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Blue Mountains Loop Track in Heathcote

  1. Beautiful shots!!!

    I totally get you when you say it seems like you just suddenly had an appreciation for nature. I used to hate being outside, but my god something about being outside and the sun just makes you feel rejuvenated!

    I highly recommend walking on grass with bare feet too, it might sound a strange but you get a totally different experience with nature and feel really ‘connected’. Plus it is completely new and a rare experience!

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