First time snow boarding at Le Deux Alpes, France

Le Deux Alpes France

I was having a conversation about snowboarding with a co-worker today and it reminded me of my first experience snowboarding. We went to Le Deux Alpes (at Grenoble, France) over the holiday period in December 2012. After checking in and collecting our gear, my friends thought it would be a good idea to take me to the top of the mountain and board all the way down – learning by doing. Unsurprisingly, it was horribly difficult for a first-timer and incredibly exhausting as I kept falling down. The days that followed resulted in more bruises and soreness but the feeling of getting off the chairlift/T-bar/travelator successfully and finally managing to get the S turn right is unsurpassed.

Photo: Taken at Le Deux Alpes near the slopes

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