Fairfield – Street Photography

men playing cards in Fairfield

I recently went on a photo walk around Fairfield. Despite having lived here most of my life, I’ve never really walked the streets and just observed. Although street photography can be quite intrusive to most people being photographed, what I experienced was mostly kindness and curiosity from strangers.

I was dawdling past a group of men playing cards and observed their card game. The man with the moustache noticed my camera and asked if I wanted to take a photo of them, I quickly nodded. I was trying to think of a way to photograph them candidly but jumped at the opportunity to snap them freely.

Fairfield street photography

Fairfield street photography

window reflection

Fairfield Forum

Traffic light

child in Fairfield

I walked past this little girl and asked what she was doing, she was watering the plants outside a hairdressing salon.

Fairfield bakery

I was peering inside this bakery store front and the man started chatting to me about what I do and what kind of photos I take. He showed me their impressive oven and turned it on so I could see how it worked.

Fairfield street photography

Fairfield shops

I wondered whether they chose to use pink and yellow dresses to match the exterior signage. It certainly caught my attention.

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