Exactly a year ago

High Line New York City

This is a photo I took exactly a year ago on January 1st, 2013 in New York City. After a night of drinking and dancing, we decided that we would have a low key day and visit the High Line. This is a quick snap I took of my friend whilst he had his back to me.

New York City is the coldest place I have ever been (more so than the snowy parts of Europe, including Norway). It was only about 1-2 degrees but the wind chill made it feel like -20 degrees. Or perhaps it’s because we walked around all day in the miserable cold. We all wore furry hats with ear flaps to keep our heads/ears warm. A man walked past us on the high line and made a snide comment about how he wore these hats before they became cool. We thought it was funny.

2 thoughts on “Exactly a year ago

  1. Love the bravery of going out into the cold, probably hungover too, to take photos and on top of it all take a great shot like this!

  2. Staying indoors wasn’t an option – we were in one of the greatest cities in the world! After a freezing day out it always felt good to return to the apartment though

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