Deer Photos – Richmond Park, London, UK

A few weekends ago I woke up in the wee early (and freezing) hours to go to Richmond Park (which is about 50-60minutes from where I live). The night before we had celebratory drinks, for a friend getting a new job, so waking up at 5am the next morning was a big fete.

The point was to get there before sunrise and snap epic shots of the deer in the morning mist and sunrise. However, it took us a little while to find the deer and it was cloudy so there was no epic sunrise with rays of light beaming through.

Adolescent deer in the morning mist – Richmond Park

Despite the deer having large and imposing antlers, they are quite timid. At first I was scared of getting close to them to take photos, but once they spotted me they would run off. It was really hard to get a sharp picture since they were constantly on the move.

There was a man walking his tiny dog and the dog would start barking at the deer (the deer are 15x the size of the dog) and the deer would get scared and run away.

I only have a few seconds to take a photo of a deer looking straight at the camera before they run away

All in all, it was a good experience even though I didn’t get the shots I wanted to – I was still able to witness these animals in a semi-wild environment.

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