Day trip to Brighton, UK

During the first few months of landing in England, I visited Brighton, a seaside town which is only about an hours train ride outside of London. A perfect destination for a summer day trip outside of London. I remember that I was in the best of moods that day as the weather was brilliant (quite rare for England) and I was happy as I got to go on a few rides on the pier. I love the thrill of rides – the anticipation, the rush and the excitement. I remember the lights and sounds of the arcade machines at the pier, the moist grass we laid upon in front of Brighton Pavilion and the fear as we ran across the pier to avoid the seagulls. It’s interesting how a few photos can conjure up vivid memories of the past.

Here are a few photos from my Brighton experience.

Brighton, UK

Do you remember experiencing something for the very first time? This was my first pebble beach. I remember when we arrived I was quite fascinated and kept snapping away. Living in Australia, I’m accustomed to sand beaches so pebbles seemed quite alien. As we walked across the beach, the pebbles became unpleasant and my fascination soon turned into annoyance. Regardless, I still find something quite beautiful and photogenic about pebble beaches.

Brighton, UK

Seagulls at Brighton UK

Seagulls everywhere (especially along Brighton pier). I had never seen seagulls this big before – they are twice the size of the seagulls in Sydney. As we walked along the pier, poop missiles fell from the sky, we had to make a quick dash to avoid them.

Royal Pavilion Brighton, UK

This is the Royal Pavilion, it used to be the seaside holiday house for George, Prince of Wales but now it is a museum.

Brighton, UK

Puppet show at  Brighton

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  1. That pebble beach looks lovely! In Boracay, Philippines we have what we call the Pukka Shell beach where crumbled puka shells make up the sand. It’s little bit painful to walk on if you’re not wearing slippers :p

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