Hiking Mt Kosciuszko

A few months ago my friends and I played around with the idea of hiking Mt Kosciuszko. I thought, why are we talking about it, why don’t we just do it? Then and there I decided that I was going to hike it before I leave Australia. I decided that it was my one goal that I wanted to achieve before I left.

I am happy to say that I achieved that goal! About a month ago, my friends and I endeavoured to hike Mt Kosciuszko – the highest mountain in Australia.

Hiking Mt Kosciuszko
It was an 18km hike (return). This is the start of the Summit walk to Mt Kosciuszko.

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Ghost trail photography

My friend called me out a few weeks ago to test our wide angle lenses. The location was Milson’s Point – with great views of the city, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera house and Luna Park.

I get really bored of taking landscape shots and popular icons. Every photo looks the same, and it’s been done before.

Instead I opted to play with shutter speeds and got my friend to model for me. It took 8 shots to get this ghostly trail photo.. although I’m still not entirely happy with it.


Regardless, it was a lot more fun to get my friend to pose than take photos of the Harbour Bridge.