Batu Caves, KL

I really have been neglecting this blog – my bad! I really should be posting about my travelling adventures more often.

During late May, I had a 3 day pitspot at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before arriving in London. One of the places I visited was the Batu Caves. According to wikipedia, it is a limestone hill, which has a series of caves and cave temples and contains one of the most popular Hindu shrines, outside of India.

There are steep stairs that you have to climb up to reach the caves, and there are monkeys littered everywhere on the stairs.

I was lucky enough to capture an intimate image of a mother breastfeeding her baby monkey.

Some of these monkeys are really aggressive though. I saw one monkey hustling  a local for his fruit and in the end the man had to give up his banana because the monkey wouldn’t stop pestering him. I’ve also heard of stories that some of the monkeys have been trained to pickpocket from tourists.

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