Abandoned Dunlop Factory in Sydney

A few weeks ago my friend organised a photo excursion to the abandoned Dunlop factory at Alexandria. We attended another abandoned warehouse not that long ago (Rozelle tram shed) so I wasn’t really keen on taking shots of graffiti so instead I played with lighting.

I believe light is one of the most powerful tools for a photographer. Simply, it can make a photo look really dramatic, or dull.


The factory was pretty dark in most areas, so when I saw windows with sunlight streaming in I had to capture it!


Nothing really interesting about the subject of this photo – I think it was a small area outside where workers could have a cigarette break? However, once again using the light and using the black and white contrast makes it more interesting, no? It’s a bit overexposed though.


I liked how the light only lit up the mid level of the room and kept everything else in the dark. I titled the camera a bit but I think in retrospect it may have looked better if I kept the camera upright.

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