Why SEO is never just about rankings

Although SEO is generally associated with rankings, the role of a SEO or digital marketing professional entails so much more. I recently had an encounter with a person from a highly technical background – he was the head of development for a technology company. He asked me something along the lines of “what advanced techniques would you use to get rankings for the website quickly”. I dug a little deeper to understand the reason why he was asking this question because gaining high rankings does not necessarily help the business. I asked what the goal of the website was and what he wanted to achieve. He stated that his goal is to increase traffic, but more importantly qualified traffic. I discussed how to measure and analyse the effectiveness of a user by looking at past data and finding patterns in visitors that convert.

Although I touched on the topic of goals, he seemed very adamant about advanced techniques and how to get rankings fast. In retrospect, I should have talked about what qualified traffic meant and the difference between achieving website goals, rather than just using advanced techniques to get rankings. For example, you may achieve first place rankings for many of your targeted keywords, but that may not necessarily lead to a visitor purchasing your product.

In my previous role, I learnt to be confident in my strategies and consultations with clients and to not cave in to what the client wants, but rather give them recommendations that are in the best interest of the company/business. My job as a digital marketing professional is to not only analyse and execute campaigns but also to teach the clients and give them the right information so that they can make informed decisions.