Internet Explorer 9 vs Chrome: which ad prevails?

Recently I have seen a lot of advertisements (on television and also video ads at tube stations around London) for Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome browser.

Microsoft IE9 Ad

Here is a popular ad on IE9, that seems to be popping up everywhere around London.

Microsoft’s use of music is catchy. The combination of graphics and preview of different mediums appeal to a younger audience. Microsoft focuses on the features and the benefits of IE9, such as the speed. They also touch on what you can do with the browser such as watching videos and playing games. The reviews from trustworthy sources, like New York Times, also help build credibility.

Google Chrome Ad

Chrome’s ad below takes on a very different approach.

The ad tells a story and follows the timeline of Julie Deane’s success with creating and growing her satchel bag business. The main messaging of the ad is why you should use chrome and how you can use it to achieve your goals.
Although the ad showcases specific Google products (such as Gmail, Google Chat, Google Maps, Youtube and Google Search), they do it in such a clever and seamless way that you don’t even really notice.
The ad is also very localised – the ad was made for the UK audience and uses a case-study of a successful business woman based in the UK.
The tagline is ‘the web is what you make of it’ and they have also skilfully included a call to action at the end – ‘search for chrome’.

Internet Explorer vs Chrome

So who do you think does it better? Google’s clean and simple ad with the messaging of why and how you can use Chrome to achieve your goals or Microsoft’s youthful and catchy ad focussing on the features?

For me, there is a clear winner here. Google’s focus is on the ‘why’, whereas Microsoft focuses on the ‘how’ and ‘what’. The ‘why’ drives more meaning into not only the product but the business as a whole, and to that extent will help Google grow a loyal following.

However, it really comes down to one question, why should I use this product?

Microsoft’s answer via the ad: We are fast, fluid and have high definition. We are also endorsed by several reputable companies.

Google’s answer via the ad:
We can bring your ideas to life and help reach your goals.

Which answer appeals to you most?

If you’d like to learn more, here is a great video from TED about the ‘Why’

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