SEO & Search Salaries: How much should you be earning?

What is your salary expectation for this role?
This a common question in the screening and interview process. It can also be a very tricky question as some recruiters will try to weed out candidates that have a high salary expectation. On the other end, I have also heard of people refusing to answer this question till after they have had an interview.

In the past I’ve had trouble answering this question and usually base my answer around my previous salary only.

I’ve had a think about this question more and did a bit of background research. I found some salary averages on Reed for the Media, Digital & Creative industries and it states that that average salary is £35,272 for search positions (SEO & PPC) in the UK. I’ve also had a conversation with a recruiter and she stated that a base salary in an agency is usually around the £35k mark for a mid-senior level position.

How to answer
So say for example you’ve made it to the screening process where the employer has found that your skills and work experience matches the role. He or she asks: ‘What is your salary expectation?’

The way I would go about answering the question is to look at:

  • The range of salaries in similar roles
  • How many years of experience you have compared to their desired level of experience
  • Qualifications that may be seen as favourable (e.g. Google Analytics & Adwords qualification)
  • Previous salary

So for example, your answer could be: “I have been doing a bit of research and found that similar roles are around the £30-£50k mark. I feel that my previous role dealing with analytics, search and insights make me a fair player and I believe I can contribute a lot to the analysis side of things with my qualification and experience in Google Analytics. My salary expectations are around £38-40k.”

Of course there are other ways you could go about it. Are there any other factors that you would look at while answering this question?

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